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gotomaxx PDFMAILER

Thank you for choosing PDFMAILER. We do our best to make PDFMAILER as easy and user-friendly as possible.

If you need any help, e.g. with archiving of sending PDF files via


automating processes like

distributing copies within a network from within an ERP system,

or have any other questions about this product

, gotomaxx Support will be happy to assist. You can contact us via email to


PDFMAILER and gotomaxx offer the following advantages in a business environment:


PDFMAILER is an uncomplicated tool for creating PDF files and can be integrated in virtually any system environment . The “Professional” expansion pack can be comprehensively controlled from within a printing application. In other words: virtually any process can be automated. Licence management is stress-free with the PDFMAILER “Server”, as we license every server independently of the number of users .


We care about our products and our users and are available as a point of contact for any questions.